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Vehicle Shipping Rates

If you need to move your car from one place to another to enjoy a season in the region you like the most or relocating to a completely new area then you may find the car transportation more convenient than driving it by yourself all the way as the vehicle shipping rates of Auto Trains Group are very low as it avoid the fuel and wear and tear costs of your car.

The Auto Trans Group is leading the car transportation industry because of its affordable and realistic vehicle shipping rates. The cost an automobile incurs is quite higher in comparison to a car moved via transporters as we move it safe and secure without decreasing its useful life. Our customers are satisfied with our services because of the extra care we take in delivering their valuable cars.

There are some of the factors we include in determining vehicle shipping rates so that our clients are well aware of the pricing policy. First of all our transporters determine the size, weight and condition of the vehicle to be transported and then enquire the distance and location from where it will be picked and dropped.
The Auto Trans Group has all recruited the most professional and highly trained staff for moving your precious cars from one location to another. And to ensure secure and damage free delivery, we use the high tech vehicle which automatically loads the car and hold it firmly all the way. Following are some of the services included in the car transportation.

  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • Open and enclosed transportation
  • Insurance during transport
  • Great customer service from start to finish

We have been rendering the highest quality of services in return of very nominal charges. You may request a free quote to realize our economical services. The vehicle shipping rates are also determined after the quote and final price. After agreeing the price money, the whole car transportation is very convenient.

You may enquire vehicle shipping rates after declaring the complete specification of your car and the destination of delivery. Please feel free to contact us at our toll free number 630-701-9888 and main line 630-599-7972. You may also request a free quote at the same website.

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